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A mom has slammed her newly-married daughter’s wedding online, saying it was a total disaster and guests have made it a ‘running joke’. 

The couple allegedly spent around $20,000 on their big day but skimped out on food and drinks and didn’t even hire any entertainment.

On top of that, they bought a fake cake which was inedible, leaving guests ‘hungry’ and ‘mad.’

“Hungry, bored and mad”

The bride discovered what her guests truly thought of her wedding after asking her mom about it a year later and receiving an honest opinion. 

The mom told her daughter that while she might have enjoyed her own wedding, guests certainly didn’t. 

She took to Reddit to recount the awkward conversation: “Am I the a–hole for being honest and telling my daughter that her wedding is a running joke of what not to do if you marry in our family/friend group?”

“My daughter got married about a year ago. She spent about $20,000 on her wedding, it was a wonderful experience for her, but for all the guests, it really sucked. All the money went to things the couple would enjoy,” she explained.

The couple allegedly spent around $20,000 on their big day but skimped out on food and drinks and didn’t even hire any entertainment. Alice – stock.adobe.com

The money went towards a $6k dress, the venue and the photographer, according to the mom, who wasn’t able to help plan due to medical issues at the time.

“Most of them were forced to buy overpriced food because they were starving. They didn’t even get any cake because the cake was fake. Overall, it was not a good guest experience,” she wrote.

When the mom told the daughter her thoughts, she didn’t take it well and called her ‘a jerk’ and ‘cruel’.

“Grade-A bad wedding”

But Redditors backed the mom up, agreeing that the bride was inconsiderate of her guests. 

“Making guests pay for their food? No entertainment? THE CAKE WAS A LIE?” one user summarised.

“Yeah, if I were a guest, I’d be mad, too! Actually, it would be a story I’d tell for probably the rest of my life. That’s a Grade-A bad wedding,” someone else claimed.

“Some people are so self-focused they either can’t or won’t see the situation through other people’s eyes. Your daughter and her husband sound like this because it should have been obvious to them that they were creating a very poor experience for their guests,” a third chimed in.

“You were being honest. It’s been a year, it’s fine. She asked and you answered. Maybe could have left out that it was a running joke. But how in the hell does someone spend $20k but they have no food?” another concluded.

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