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With her roles in Barbie, Suicide Squad and The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie’s Australian roots are easy to forget about. But after a bumper year on the campaign trail for Barbie, which she both starred in and served as a producer on, taking a well-deserved break back home. Having headed Down Under in February for the AACTA Awards, she has reconnected with her home country.

The trip home had even more poignancy, with Margot heading back to her native Queensland for a very special occasion: her long-term BFF’s wedding. As part of the bridal party for her friend Brittany Claxton, who attended Margot’s own wedding to Tom Ackerley in 2016, Margot was one of a group of bridesmaids there to support Brittany on her big day.

In footage shared on social media by the bride, Margot and her fellow bridesmaids stunned in lemon yellow halter neck satin dresses and matching sandals. All the bridesmaids were shown beaming as they took part in their friend’s special day.

Naturally, the bride, who Margot has known ‘since I can remember’ is the focus of the footage. In the comment section, friends of the party said that they were ‘crying’ watching the clips back, and fans were respectful when they found the video. ‘Imagine Margot Robbie being the maid of honour at your wedding,’ one fan wrote, delighted.

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However, one headline twisted this sweet sentiment in another direction, asking, ‘Would you want Barbie as your bridesmaid?’ It’s a question that implies a bride would never want someone as conventionally attractive as Margot in their bridal party and promotes harmful clichés about the ‘bridezilla’ stereotype, the archetypal jealous bride-to-be who chooses ‘ugly’ dresses for her bridesmaids. Even on what many consider the happiest day of their lives, women are pit against each other.

Luckily, the commenters were having none of it, and set out to challenge these. ‘My best friend is stunning and I love her dearly. She was a fabulous bridesmaid and how on Earth could I be jealous of her, I married the love of my life and so did she,’ one sweet comment read.

‘I’d want my best friends to be my bridesmaids, no matter what they looked like, even if they were the most beautiful person in the world,’ another wrote. ‘A good friend is a good friend. I don’t understand the jealousy and competition.’

More commenters echoed, ‘When the bride and all the bridesmaids are gorgeous, happy and clearly best friends, nobody is upstaging anybody. They all look beautiful, classy and having fun, celebrating their friend’s marriage day.’ Another fan added, ‘She is a stunning girl and so are all her friends.  I think what makes her so beautiful is she looks genuinely happy and when she smiles it reaches her eyes.’ Look at that – the internet actually said something nice, for once…

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