Olivia Culpo Dissolves Lip Filler Ahead of Wedding to Christian McCaffrey: ‘Really Happy’ – PEOPLE

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Olivia Culpo is in wedding mode!

That means getting all her ducks in a row ahead of walking down the aisle to marry her fiancé, San Francisco 49ers runningback Christian McCaffrey. One of the things the model did ahead of her nuptials was dissolve her lip filler, which she revealed on her Instagram Stories on April 30.

During a Q&A with her followers, Culpo, 31, was asked what skin care and injectables she was planning to do before her wedding. One of her answers was that she had actually gone in the opposite direction on her lips.

Olivia Culpo Instagram Stories.

Olivia Culpo/Instagram

“Last thing I had my lips dissolved last week,” she wrote. “Look at my before! I’m really happy the way they look now. Debating filling again but might just keep like this for the wedding.”

She showed a picture of herself with her lip filler and after it was dissolved so her followers could see the difference. Culpo even added a poll, asking everyone to weigh in on if she should add the filler back or keep her natural lips. She also tagged California-based aesthetic practitioner Anush Movsesian in the Instagram Stories.

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Culpo has been very open recently about her cosmetic procedures. She candidly shared a TikTok while getting ready for Coachella, addressing all the buzz around her face. While applying her makeup, she said she’s never had plastic surgery but won’t “judge anybody that has.”

She said some people assume she’s gotten buccal fat removal “because my face is more sunken in now than it was 10, 12 years ago.”

The bride-to-be then went into what she has had done, which mostly just includes Botox and lip filler — but no injections in her forehead, because she had a bad experience with it, and no injections in her jaw (any longer).

She also added that it’s been years since she’s done cheek fillers because she doesn’t want her face “to look so concave.”

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