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Olivia Culpo‘s gearing up for her wedding to Christian McCaffrey, and she’s doing a lot of beauty prep—including salmon sperm facials (casual) and dissolving her lip filler.

During a Q&A with fans about what skincare / injectables she’s doing before her wedding, Olivia wrote (via Entertainment Tonight) “I had my lips dissolved last week. Look at my before! I’m really happy the way they look now. Debating filling again but might just keep like this for the wedding.”

She also shared a photo of herself post-dissolve, along with one of herself with lip filler:

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Olivia recently opened up on TikTok about the cosmetic procedures she’s had done, saying “Everybody’s always interested in talking about, ‘What fillers did you do, what botox did you do?’ All these things, blah blah blah. I, for the record, have never had plastic surgery. I don’t judge anybody that has.”

Olivia went on to say that people assume she’s had buccal fat removal “because my face is more sunken in now than it was 10, 12 years ago,” and added “I’ll tell you guys exactly what I do.”

Turns out she uses botox on a few places in her face (but not her forehead), fills her lips (which she’s obviously since had removed!) and revealed that she used to get filler in her jaw to slim it, but no longer does that due to wanting to “embrace my natural structure.”

She also added that cheek fillers are a no for her (though she’s had them in the past). So that’s that!

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