Olivia Culpo Reveals ‘Most Difficult Thing’ in Planning Wedding; Wants ‘Millions’ of Kids with Christian McCaffrey – PINKVILLA

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The exceptional NFL performer, Christian McCaffrey, has led the way on the field with 1,459 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. His love is in full bloom for Olivia Culpo, an American model and actress. With hearts intertwined and dreams set high, the power couple is embarking on a major decision together. 

The fans are eagerly waiting for them to tie the knot. The couple shared their greatest news during their Super Bowl appearance. When Culpo came to support her beau, Christian McCaffrey took the opportunity to express his feelings, and the result was, I do.”

Christian McCaffrey’s wedding views to Olivia Culpo’s Million Dreams

Recently, Culpo held a Q&A session on her Instagram, where their wedding planning can be seen in full swing. The banter twist came when a fan asked, “Do you want kids?” To which she gave a rumor reply by saying, “In my head, I want a million!!!! I wonder how many I’ll actually end up having.”

Amidst the hustle and bustle, they plan a fairy tale wedding, including both challenges and joys that come in the way of organizing the event. Earlier, the couple took to Instagram to share a taste test of the wedding cake. So, fans are always getting behind the scenes of their lifetime event. 


All the guests on the list are not only filled with near and dear ones of the family. But Culpo revealed her adorable wish to include her furry friend, Oliver. 

Touchdown and tiara are all buzzing 

Despite the demands of McCaffrey’s football career, where he recently faced disappointment, his team fell short in the Super Bowl. However, the footballer chose to remain joyful about his upcoming future.

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In a press conference that happened in February, he expressed his gratitude towards his best friend, who will soon turn into his wife. McCaffrey said, She’s done a hell of a job. She’s steering the ship when it comes to anything regarding the wedding as of now.” With that, he added, “But I give my input when needed, but obviously her style is unbelievable and everything she wants I also like, so it’s going really well.”

While the San Francisco 49ers might have faced a setback on the field, Cuplo’s enthusiasm is not only motivating McCaffrey and their fans. With all those plans, the venue is yet to be decided. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see their love and laughter down the aisle.

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