On the Podcast: What Makes a Great Vogue Wedding, and All the Pop Albums Dropping This Spring – Vogue

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Spring has officially sprung, and wedding season is upon us—which means it’s a very busy time for two of Vogue’s resident wedding experts, Alexandra Macon and Elise Taylor. Alex and Elise joined the pod to reminisce about the most memorable weddings they’ve covered for Vogue (and also to gripe about the marriage rites they’d rather couples gave up).

For Alex, Serena Williams’s wedding took the cake as one of the best. Alex not only attended the ceremony in New Orleans, where she got to see Beyoncé in the flesh, but she also fluffed Serena’s wedding train, basically making her an honorary member of the bridal party. Elise gave the behind-the-scenes scoop on covering Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s viral pre-wedding, which required her to race against the live Tiktok coverage to get the exclusive up on Vogue.com. Alex and Elise also gave us a peek inside the Vogue Weddings group chat and shared their wedding icks—from donut walls, to dogs wearing signs stating “my humans got married,” to cringey (but still unfortunately ubiquitous) “live, laugh, love”-style calligraphy.

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