One Woman Flew 1700 Miles to Attend Her Father’s Wedding—But She Got the Date Wrong by a Year – Brides

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Getting invited to a destination wedding is an exciting honor, but actually attending it requires getting a few logistics squared away like booking travel and accommodations. When one man shared his upcoming wedding date with his daughter, Llarissa Pye, the woman scrambled to book her flight for the following weekend. It wasn’t until she was situated on the plane that she realized her dad was getting married next year.

According to Manchester Evening News, once Pye’s father booked his wedding venue, he gave his daughter a call to share the date with her. On the phone, Pye thought her dad mentioned his big day was taking place on the following Saturday, June 2, 2024, which was his birthday. “My dad must have said, ‘It’s on my birthday next year,’” Pye recounted. “But I heard, ‘We’re sorry it’s short notice. We understand if you can’t make it.’”

So, Pye quickly paid $255 to book a last-minute flight from Lanzarote, her place of residence, to Cheshire, England, her hometown and where the wedding was happening. She even found someone to cover her shift at work. After making her travel arrangements, she sent the ticket to her family, but according to Pye, no one noticed that the date said 2024, not 2025. 

On May 31, 2024, right before takeoff, Pye texted her family, “I’m at the airport, see you in a few hours,’” the woman recalled. Her family then realized the error that Pye made, so they tried to contact her. “They tried to ring me, but my phone was in sleep mode,” she explained. “I was about to take off, and I saw all the messages. I called my dad, and he said, ‘Llarissa, the wedding isn’t until next year.’ We were just laughing down the phone.”

Since it was too late to return home at that point, Pye decided to make the most of the mishap by turning into a spontaneous getaway. The outlet reported that during her time in Cheshire, the woman caught up with old friends and even tried on her bridesmaid dress for her father’s wedding. 

Although the misunderstanding gave Pye and her family a good laugh, others were confused how the woman was completely unaware of her mistake. “It’s not like we didn’t communicate,” she explained. “I guess a year is short notice for my dad. I’ve got time to fix my tan lines now. It’s all fun. I’m usually fairly organized. I’ve never been a year early.”

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