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HIGHLAND — Happy tears flowed freely at Elegance Wedding & Evening Wear Wednesday morning.

Two brides-to-be, Marlena Auberry and Jennifer Ramos, both said yes to the dress after each tried on some half dozen gowns.

Tears and hugs from friends and family followed and confetti was released into the air from a party popper.

“Are you saying yes to the dress, girl?” Elegance bridal stylist Zayre Mijares asked Ramos who smiled and shook her head yes.

Karla Perez, a friend of Ramos, said she knew when the bride-to-be tried on the off-the-shoulder, A-line gown that it was “the” dress.

“It made us all cry. That’s how we all knew it was the one,” Perez said.

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Ramos, along with her family and friends, came to the Highland bridal shop from the Dyer area while Auberry and her all female posse left Indianapolis that morning to take advantage of the Brides Across America giveaway program.

“It’s a great organization,” Auberry said.

Charlott Sitarski, owner of Elegance Wedding & Evening Wear, said her shop has been partnering with Brides Across America since 2012.

Some 300 gowns have been given by her Highland shop since 2012 with no program held in 2020 due to COVID-19, Sitarski said.

Under the shop’s “Operation Wedding Gown” program held each year, usually around Veteran’s Day, designer dresses valued up to $5,000 are given free of charge as a special thanks to those who serve.

Under the national nonprofit program founded by Heidi Janson, wedding gowns are given away as a special thank you to military men and women or first responders.

“I look forward to this every year and being able to tell them thank you in person,” Sitarski said.

Auberry’s younger sister, Deirdre Auberry, also became emotional when her sister finally decided on the traditional, lace covered gown she will wear next autumn.

Deirdre will serve as her sister’s maid of honor.

“Being her sister I really felt the moment,” Deirdre Auberry said.

Marlena Auberry, 28, said she and her fiance, Jason Collins, plan to wed Oct. 18 at Whipporwill Hill, an old barn venue located outside of Bloomington.

Auberry, who works at the Community Health Network’s security department, said she qualifies for Brides Across America because she is a police officer.

She and her fiance, who works as a logistics coordinator, met online.

“We met online on Tinder, eventually talking over the phone for two hours before meeting in person. It clicked,” Auberry said.

Jennifer Ramos, a 33-year-old Spanish language teacher at T.F. North High School, met her fiance, Alberto Galvan, at school.

“He was a baseball coach at the high school,” Ramos said.

She qualifies for the program because her fiance is in the U.S. Army Special Forces and is in the process of qualifying to become a Green Beret.

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All of their wedding plans haven’t been firmed up because of his service duties, but the nuptials will likely be held around Memorial Day, Ramos said.

On the day of the event, registered brides must bring proof of service and an ID upon check-in, according to the website.

For more information on how to qualify, to locate a salon near you or to register for an event, go to bridesacrossamerica.com 

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