Owners Of Wedding Band Found In Buffalo Grove Come Forward … – Patch

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BUFFALO GROVE, IL — A story nearly a year in the making now has a happy ending. The owners of a wedding band that was found on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022, at the Willow Grove Learning Center have come forward. The Lake County Clerk’s Office had been unsuccessful in finding the owners over the course of the last year.

Juan Lopez, technical director of the Lake County Clerk’s Office, is crediting local media, including Patch and WBBM Radio, for helping to track down the owners. The band has the names Idee and Ben, along with a wedding date inscribed on the ring. Lopez had previously told Patch that his office had tried the voter registration database and marriage license information in the search.

“I talked to Ben’s wife, Idee, about a half hour ago,” Lopez told Patch Wednesday. “WBBM Radio saw your article [Patch] and interviewed me about the ring this morning. Idee’s cousin heard the story on the radio, called Idee and gave her my number.”

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