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Cindy Tristani, a cashier at the Burlington Coat Factory store in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, had her heart warmed by a story. She found herself in distress after realizing that she had lost her diamond wedding ring while working.

Let the search begin

Tristani was ringing up customers when she suddenly realized her favorite ring was not on her finger. She ran around the shop with her friends for help, searching every nook and cranny and peeping into the garbage, hoping to find it.

Unable to find the ring, Tristani took to social media and posted on Fayette County What’s Going On Facebook group. 

In the post, she expressed desperation and pleaded with anyone who might have picked up the ring to bring it back to the store.

A fortuitous encounter

Fate stepped in thanks to Cait Giles, who happened to be at Burlington that day. As she drove home from work and scrolled through Facebook posts, Giles saw Tristanis’ advertisement about his missing valuable ring. 

Henceforth without hesitating even for a second, she went back together with her husband and searched for it in their former place of shopping.

A joyous reunion

After going through their shopping bags, Giles stumbled upon something by chance: inside a small bag full of things just like others, there was Tristani’s ring. 


Raptures caught up with Giles, who dashed back into the store with tears down her face to hand over this precious thingy back.

Gratitude and kindness

The return of Tristani’s wedding ring was an instance of true appreciation for her. She described Giles as an angel for such an act of love. 

Similarly, one of the best moments ever experienced by Mrs.Giles during which each minute appeared too short if compared with joy returned into another person’s life, especially the sweet feeling caused by the happy smile on his face after having been returned to its lawful owner of this beloved object.

In a world marked by constant negativity, this exciting story stands as a reminder that kindness exists and that we need one another during trying times.

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