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A SQUIRM-INDUCING wedding vow performance is not the best start to a marriage.

But they certainly stick in the memory and Redditors have been sharing the “cringiest” examples they’ve heard.

Redditors have shared the ‘cringiest’ wedding vows they have ever heard (stock photo)Credit: Getty

These have included tuneless musical numbers and admissions of cheating.

Some of these displays have seen wedding guests rushing for the nearest exit.

Writing one’s wedding vows is a growing trend in the marriage market.

It sounds good on paper, but in practice, it can verge on either epic failure or maximum embarrassment.

In her post on Reddit, user ShautAuntDebutante called out for “the cringiest thing you’ve heard when someone recited personalized vows?”

The response was huge and the stories were horrifyingly compelling.

Admissions of guilt are probably best left for private conversations. Not so for this bride, recalled a commenter to the post.

“My high school bestie said in the middle of her vows, ‘I love you even though you cheated on me that one time.’

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“The groom blushed and smirked. I left before the reception,” she said.

There were numerous musical numbers, that were not met with rousing applause.

“My friend told me about his sister’s wedding. The bride taught herself to play the guitar to sing a song for her husband,” she wrote.

“Six months of practice did not do much to help her rendition of ‘I’ll Be Watching You.'”

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There was more squirming from another guitar number.

“A mutual friend was inspired to [play the guitar] at his wedding and was shockingly awful,” they said.

“He was a terrible guitarist and awful singer and the poor bride just had to put on a brave face and swiftly try and move on and ignore what had happened,” they added.

There was another artistic attempt at personalized vows from this bride.

“She wrote her vows as a po-ehm. It was atrocious. Especially the line ‘You make me happy, and you make me VERY VERY SAD.’

“This is how everyone found out that he had cheated on her a few months earlier,” said another commenter.

And there was more buttock-clenching musical theatre from this couple.

“They SUNG their vows. If that was not enough, they did their vows to the tune of ‘For Good’ from Wicked,” wrote another Redditor.


“To add insult to injury, neither of them were known for their singing ability. It was the WHOLE song with their sh**ty harmony included.

“I just cringed all the way through realizing that they had rehearsed this and thought it was appropriate,” they added.

Guests said they wanted to cringe at some bride and groom performances (stock photo)
Guests said they wanted to cringe at some bride and groom performances (stock photo)Credit: Getty

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