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UNIONTOWN, Pa. — A local woman is wearing her wedding ring again, thanks to a group effort and the power of social media.

Cindy Tristani works at the Burlington Coat Factory in Uniontown. On Sunday evening, she was working at the cash register when she realized her ring was no longer on her finger.

“I just looked down I’m like, ‘oh my gosh my ring is gone!’ We tore the place apart. Everyone helped me, my boss came out, we looked all over the floor the garbage, I was crying. Couldn’t find it.”

Cindy posted on Facebook in the Fayette County What’s Going On group. She said, “This is a long shot but if anyone was shopping at Burlington Uniontown today, I think my diamond ring might have fell in someone’s bag, so if you find it I would be so grateful if you could bring it to the store.”

Cindy told Channel 11′s Cara Sapida that she prepared to never see the ring again. But she said a quick prayer before getting back to the cash register.

“It just so happened it was my mom’s birthday that day. She’s been dead for three years, but she could always find anything that was lost. I said, ‘Mom, please help me find this ring.’”

In the meantime, shopper Cait Giles wasn’t even home yet. Her husband was driving as she opened Facebook and Cindy’s post was the first post that popped up.

“I said let’s pull over,” Cait said.

“We had two shopping bags, a big one and a small one. I checked the big one, nothing there. Then I checked the smaller one. I took out the sunglasses out and went to close the bag back up and heard a ‘clink’!”

Cait’s husband turned around and she came running back into the store.

The Facebook post now has hundreds of likes and positive comments.

“Cait is a wonderful person, she’s my angel,” aid Cindy said.

Cait said it also meant something to her.

“It made my heart so full to give the ring back. It was the best moment, one of the best moments of my life.”

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