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It looks like two members of the British Royal Family could be in for an awkward reunion this summer. Prince Harry and his brother William are likely to cross paths at a high-profile wedding, despite being locked in a very public rift.

The brothers have not seen eye to eye for quite a long time now, but a mutual friend’s nuptials could see them brought back together.

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Both Harry and William have been invited to a wedding at Chester Cathedral this summer, with Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, hoping to host them as he marries partner Olivia Henson.

Harry and William’s beef

Harry and William have been publicly at loggerheads for quite a while now, with the two taking very different life paths.

William is known to not be impressed by Harry’s behavior along with partner Meghan Markle, and he is not a fan of how Harry opted to reveal so much information in his recent memoirs.

William, meanwhile, has consistently followed in the footsteps of his senior family members and is hopeful of becoming King someday.

Generally speaking, William keeps a relatively low profile with his wife, Kate Middleton, and is likely to have been very uncomfortable recently with his newfound position at the centre of attention during the conspiracy theories that surrounded her health concerns and those of King Charles.

For quite a long time now, Harry and Meghan have been distancing themselves from the Royal Family and there was even controversy around their appearances following the death of Queen Elizabeth in 2022.

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