Prince William and Princess wedding photo was hiding in plain sight – details – HELLO!

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The Prince and Princess of Wales revisited the magic of their fairytale wedding day in 2011 when they marked their 13th wedding anniversary with an unseen photograph from their nuptials, shared via their official Instagram account on Monday.

In the photograph, captured by photographer Millie Pilkington on 29 April 2011 at Buckingham Palace, Princess Kate is wearing her ethereal lace wedding gown, while Prince William is standing behind his new wife, lightly holding her waist.

While royal fans were delighted to see the never-before-seen snap of the royal couple, many were quick to notice that the portrait had in fact been spotted in the background of Prince William’s work calls before. 

© Millie Pilkington
William and Kate shared a previously unseen portrait from their wedding day

“The fact that I once spotted this photo on William’s desk and always wished to see it… and here we are,” penned a royal fan in the comments. 

The duo happily posed for a photo during a family day out in Norfolk, the photo was released on their 12th wedding anniversary© Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace
The duo happily posed for a photo during a family day out in Norfolk, the photo was released on their 12th wedding anniversary

“Same!” replied another. “It was in a Zoom meeting with Lady Gaga and this picture was on William’s desk. I had wanted to see the clear version ever since then.”


A third added: “Awww! We finally see it! Happy anniversary!”

Royal watchers first caught sight of the rarely-seen portrait in 2017, when Prince William shared a FaceTime call via his laptop with Lady Gaga to discuss his Heads Together campaign. 

Kate arriving at Westminster Abbey to her wedding in 2011© Getty
Kate arriving at Westminster Abbey to her wedding in 2011

In their FaceTime call, the Prince and the Grammy Award-winning artist discussed how opening up and having conversations about mental health is vital to ending the stigma that still surrounds these issues. 

Rare photo of William and Kate’s wedding spotted on Prince William’s desk

Lady Gaga said she felt people with mental health challenges were “not hiding anymore” and the Prince of Wales added that it is time “to feel normal about mental health – it’s the same as physical health” and that good conversations can “really make such a difference.”

Several sentimental photographs in frames flooded Prince William’s desk at Kensington Palace, suggesting the royal chooses to keep his family close to his heart – even when working. 

In the top right corner, a black and white photograph of the Prince and Princess of Wales on their wedding day – now known to be the portrait captured by Millie Pilkington – could be seen. Seven years later, the Wales family finally decided to release the charming portrait.

Prince William's desk is decorated with lots of sentimental photographs© YouTube
Prince William’s desk is decorated with lots of sentimental photographs

Prince William’s grand office at Kensington Palace in London is painted in a calming sage green, while similar-toned curtains hang from large windows that flood the space with light. 

Ornate furniture and regal, gold-framed paintings add grandeur to the space, while the addition of personal photographs and memorabilia add a personal touch. 

Now that the Prince and Princess of Wales share three children together, the royal has no doubt added photographs of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to his precious collection.

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