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Prince William, Kate Middleton’s plans for wedding anniversary laid bare

Kate Middleton and Prince William are set to mark 13 years of their marriage next week.

Speaking to Spin Genie, former royal butler Grant Harrold dished on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ plans to celebrate the big day on April 29.

Noting the celebrations are set to be influenced by the intensity of Kate’s health, who is currently receiving treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer, he claimed the couple will prefer to mark the event privately.

“With everything going on with Kate, that won’t be a public thing, that’s going to be very private,” Harold told the outlet.

“Behind closed doors I’m sure William will work to make sure she’s spoiled. It’s possible William might cook, he’s quite a good cook so it’s possible he might do a little meal or something,” he explained.

“Again, it’s just going to be a private affair between the two of them. Once again, there’ll still be an exchange of gifts, I have no doubt they will give each other a gift, I’ve no doubt they will exchange cards,” the former palace staffer continued.

“I’ve no doubt that there’ll be a special meal for them, whether it’s a meal where they invite friends and family, or just them, I suppose it depends how Kate is getting on,” he added. 

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