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Prince William has ARRIVED at what might be the biggest royal-ish wedding of the year. The Prince of Wales was spotted at the ~nuptials~ of Hugh Grosvenor (aka the Duke of Westminster) and Olivia Henson, who tied the knot on June 7 in a truly OTT event.

To give you an idea of just how fancy this wedding was, The Times described it as “the most royal nonroyal wedding of the year, with members of Britain’s oldest and wealthiest aristocratic families heading north.”

Here’s a look at the happy couple!

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And speaking of Prince William, the Prince of Wales attended the event without Kate Middleton, who is still staying out of the spotlight as she undergoes preventative chemotherapy following her cancer diagnosis. However, in a positive update, royal expert Katie Nicholl tells Entertainment Tonight that Kate’s “tolerating this preventative chemotherapy better. I think she had a hard time in the beginning. These are strong drugs that she’s on, but she’s she’s tolerating it better, and she’s doing better.”

Oh, and just circling back to what People described as “Britain’s wedding of the year,” apparently, Prince Harry was invited to the ceremony…but declined. According to a source who spoke to the magazine, there was an “understanding between the two friends” (read: Harry and Hugh) that the Duke of Sussex should opt out due to his ongoing feud with Prince William.

The Times also reported that “a civilised understanding was reached between the duke and Harry over the phone” and that Prince William is an usher at the wedding, which “would have been beyond awkward if he was obliged to show Harry to his pew.”

This! Has! Been! An! Update!

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