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IT can be difficult choosing what to wear to someone’s wedding.

And one woman who was struggling to choose an outfit for a friend’s nuptials decided to take to Reddit to ask for other people’s opinions.


A woman has been slated for the dress she was planning to wear to her friend’s weddingCredit: Reddit
People insisted that the dress was far too pale for a wedding, and would be too similar to the bride's gown


People insisted that the dress was far too pale for a wedding, and would be too similar to the bride’s gownCredit: Getty

“Is this ok for a semi-formal wedding?” she said of the dress.

In her post, she showed off the figure-hugging number, which came in a very pale yellow.

“The wedding is in September and is semi-formal,” she added.

Alongside that, she shared a picture of the dress she’s chosen, as well as pointing out that it does actually come in other colours.

But the comments section was almost immediately filled with people insisting the dress was far too white for a wedding.

“It’s a beautiful dress, but I would do a different colour,” one wrote.

“Different colour, yes,” another added.

“Pink is fine. The cream one is a big F U to the bride,” a third said.

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“Only if you’re the bride,” someone else agreed.

” Legit thought this was cream on my phone.”

My wedding cake was 13ft tall, contains eight stone of icing and cost me £13k

“The style, fabric and color (looks cream not yellow on my phone) reads bridal or bridal party to me.” another commented.

“Any other colour, someone else wrote.”

“I don’t think white should be totally eliminated for guests (it’s fine in a pattern or floral) but this is too close to white,” someone else added.

“Lovely for the rehearsal dinner or brunch after, if you are indeed the bride!”

Dos and don’ts of wedding dress codes

By Josie Griffiths, Fabulous deputy editor and bride-to-be.

I’ll never forget the wedding I went to in October 2022 where a guest wore a white dress.

It was ill-fitting, knee length and looked nothing like an actual wedding dress, but that didn’t stop everyone judging her.

The rules on wedding guest outfits – which are annoyingly loads stricter for women than they are for men – are meant to be about “not upstaging the bride”, which in reality is quite hard to do on someone else’s wedding day.

But if you get it wrong as a guest, you do end up looking a bit silly, and in front of loads of people who don’t know you personally.

It’s just not the occasion for your new white dress, as much as online stores love dumping them in the ‘wedding guest’ section.

I’d avoid anything too tight/short, and ditch super formal gowns unless the dress code calls for them – you don’t want to be in a full length sequin gown at a smart casual event.

Personally I don’t like black dresses either, it isn’t a funeral.

Otherwise you should be pretty safe. Technically wearing red means you’re in love with the groom, but that’s the kind of rule most people would scoff at nowadays.

I do always check what colour the bridesmaids are in, just to be safe, after the Spanish wedding where I watched them walk down the aisle in the exact same dress I’d had in my Asos shopping basket just weeks earlier.

If in doubt, safest to just double check with the bride… but if you’re already doubting your dress that might be all the answer you need.

“This reads as bridal to me,” another said, another commented.

“If you are the bride!” someone else said.

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As another wrote: “I think it’s beautiful in that pink! I don’t hate the yellow, but it’s hard to tell from that photo whether it’ll wash out in some lighting, while the pink is dark enough that you know it’s not going to read as anything but pink in photos.

“If you already had the yellow and felt confident about the way it looks in person / in photos, it would be fine.

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