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The Kyabazinga of Busoga kingdom, William Gabula Nadiope IV, will Saturday tie the knot with Ms Jovia Mutesi at Christ’s Cathedral, Bugembe in Jinja North City Division, and thereafter host guests at his Palace atop Igenge Hill, also in Bugembe.

But prior, during and after the wedding ceremony, some rituals are lined up for the monarch, Mr Sulaiman Kakaire Kyegonza, the chairperson of Princes in Bugweri chiefdom says.
According to him, sorghum that has spent at least a year in a granary has to be thrown over the roof of Kyabazinga’s personal house before he sets off for the wedding function.

“This sorghum to pass over the house is intended to block the wife from divorcing once married,” Mr Kakaire said in an interview on Thursday.
He added that in the morning of the D-day, well-kept sorghum that has stayed in the granary for not less than a year is then thrown over the roof of the house of the Kyabazinga to “strengthen the wife during marriage”.

He further explains that the Kyabazinga ought to spend the night preceding the wedding day at his father’s house in Budhumbula, Kamuli District, from where he will set off for the wedding.
“The purpose of Kyabazinga sleeping in the father’s house is to officially send him off as an adult for marriage,” Mr Kakaire explained, adding that after tying the knot, the Kyabazinga and Queen’s feet are washed by the bride’s auntie as they both sit on the bed before sleeping.

Mr Kakaire added that after three days, the Queen will prepare a mixture of fingered matooke with simsim paste and meat which is then eaten from one plate by both families of the bride and groom to start the journey of unity among both families after the wedding.
He says: “This meal is served and shared by people close to both families and it is intended to cement their relationship by way of eating from one plate. The brother of Kyabazinga’s wife is given a cock which is slaughtered upon his return home to share with other family members.”

Ms Ruth Nakaima, a Princess from Kigulu chiefdom, says the Kyabazinga’s bed is laid by the princess prior to the wedding day because they are the “imaginary wives” of the Kyabazinga “who freely access his bedroom more than any other person”.

“Culturally, we (Princesses are taken as the imaginary wives of the Kyabazinga, with no limits to his room; therefore, during the wedding process, we prepare his bedroom,’’ Ms Nakaima said, adding that after laying the bed, the Princess remains in the Palace to organise the kitchen.

Ms Nakaima says the Princess is also tasked with briefing the Queen about the Kyabazinga’s diet, and specifically, which meals he enjoys most and loathes. “On night prior to the wedding, selected Princesses gather at the Kyabazinga’s home for entertainment that involves dancing for him,” she adds.

Ms Florence Naiwumbwe, the chief of Princesses in Busoga kingdom, said on Friday, they will find some time in the evening to talk with the Kyabazinga, aimed at “giving him confidence in marriage”.
She says the Friday evening meeting with the Kyabazinga has no cultural significance, but they thought it convenient for him because on Saturday morning, he will be engaged with other people.

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