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It is safe to say that the current version of Roman Reigns is the most liked and appreciated by fans. Recently, a fan took it up a notch by acknowledging the Tribal Chief by walking out to Reigns’ theme song at his wedding.

Pete Rosenberg recently took to Twitter to share that a fan of his podcast, BruinsHogan, decided to make a unique way to walk out to his wedding. He walked out to the theme song of Roman Reigns. The fan also wore the Tribal Chief’s signature Ula Fala necklace, which is a garland made from Pandanus tree fruit seeds.

Paul Heyman always wanted to work with Roman Reigns

While speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, The Wiseman of The Tribal Chief, Paul Heyman revealed that he wanted to work with Roman Reigns for a long time but the time was never right.

“Well, Roman and I had been talking about working together for many, many years. The timing was never right in that WWE was presenting him as The Big Dog. As the big hero, this WrestleMania main eventer to follow in the steps of John Cena.”

“And I was the advocate for Brock Lesnar, and just leaving that position would have been insane. And I was also then became the executive director of Monday Night Raw. Now the pandemic hits and Brock Lesnar wraps up his time in WWE and he goes off to Saskatchewan to hunt and kill whatever he puts on the family’s dinner plates.”

“The entire landscape of sports and entertainment and sports entertainment was changing, and Roman Reigns had taken time off because his wife had given birth to another set of twin boys, and also because of the pandemic and his health concerns regarding staying safe for his family during this unfathomable health crisis that was gripping the entire world.”

“So in August 2020, when I’m Brock Lesnar-free, I’m no longer the executive director of Raw, so I’m in the ocean of obscurity at that point, and Roman Reigns agrees to come back to WWE if he’s allowed to portray himself and we get a chance to work together. He rescued me from the ocean of obscurity, pulled me onto the island of relevancy with him. We’ve been together ever since.”

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Would you walk out to a wrestling theme song at your wedding?

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