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Unlike celebrities like Global star Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Konidela and Sonam Kapoor who recreated their mothers’ wedding gowns, Samantha took a dramatic turn. She opted to completely transform her white Christian wedding dress, a costly designer dress from her marriage to Naga Chaitanya into a new outfit, by cutting it down. 

Samantha claims this is a statement for sustainability. She repurposed the dress into a chic black strapless gown for Elle awards night the other day, highlighting the importance of giving garments a second life. However, some fans, particularly those of Chay, aren’t convinced. They question why the wedding dress, a deeply sentimental item, was chosen for this sustainable makeover in the name of reusing it. The timing of this decision, following their public divorce, has further fueled speculation.

While some see it as a bold move on, a way to symbolically shed the past. Others interpret it as a veiled act of revenge, a way to publicly sever ties with that chapter of her life. Anyway, Samantha has a knack for grabbing headlines, and her recent decision regarding her wedding dress is no exception. Whether Samantha’s motivation was environmental or emotional, it sparked a conversation.

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