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Savannah Chrisley says it was — literally — love at first sight for boyfriend Robert Shiver.

On Tuesday’s episode of her Unlocked podcast, the television personality, 26, detailed the first time she met her boyfriend in person. She said they were both at a Morgan Wallen concert in Boston and their hotel rooms happened to be next door to one another.

“There was all kinds of weird stuff that was happening that we’re like, ‘Alright, this is kind of meant to be,’” she recalled. “But I’ll never forget, I walked and I knocked on his door after I got ready, and I had on this cute jean dress with a belt to, like, make my waist look [small].”

She continued, “I remember going in, and I was looking out his window, you know, but gotta walk on my tiptoes a little bit, make my legs look good.”

Savanna Chrisley (left) and Robert Shiver (right).

Savannah Chrisley/Instagram

The Chrisley Knows Best alum said while she was trying to impress the former football player, he was already falling for her. When discussing when they could see each other next, Chrisley said their schedules were not aligning, so Shiver came up with a solution.

“Within 10 minutes of us talking, because I had to go to LA for work, and he had to go to LA for some personal stuff, but he was going a week before me, he was like, ‘Oh, no. I’m gonna go ahead and change my trip. I’ll just be there the same week as you,’” she laughed. “And I’m like, ‘We just met 10 minutes ago and you’re already changing your trip?’”

The two ended up getting to know each other better that night, and before she knew it, Chrisley said Shiver revealed something she was not expecting to hear.

“I don’t even think I’ve ever told this before,” she began. “So the first night, like, obviously, we had gone to the concert, everybody was drinking, everybody’s having a good time. And that night, he goes, ‘I think I love you.’ Literally, that night. The night we met in person.”

The reality star said she didn’t know how to react, and the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “Shut the f— up.”

“I literally said, ‘Shut the f— up,’” she recalled. “So we said, like, ‘Alright, when we get married, his wedding drink is gonna be, ‘I think I love you,’ and mine’s gonna be, ‘Shut the f up.’”

Savannah Chrisley.

FOX via Getty

Chrisley also opened up about how she and Shiver communicate and their secret to keeping their relationship strong. She said it is important that they accept each other fully, including their flaws.

“We had a conversation earlier, and I was like, ‘You just never tell me if I do something that you don’t like,’” she explained. “He was like, ‘But babe, even if you do something that maybe I don’t like or maybe you do things that I don’t like,’ he was like, ‘That makes you who you are and it also contributes to all the other things I love about you.’”

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Chrisley and Shiver were first linked in September 2023 before going public with a sweet Instagram post that November. Although some gave her backlash for finding a new relationship when they thought she should still be mourning the death of her ex-fiancé, Nic Kerdiles, the podcast host pushed back.

“I just wanted to hop on here and clear up some misconceptions. I posted those photos last night, and obviously tons of positive comments, but there’s also a lot of comments about Nic and I,” she said in a video. “I just want to say, Nic and I have been broken up for a long time. We got engaged, called off the engagement, tried to date, tried to stay in each other’s lives, and it just didn’t work out. We loved each other more than anything in this world, but it just didn’t work.”

Chrisley added: “In January [2023], we finally just cold turkey stopped talking in general. So, Nic and I were not together. We had not been together in…two years maybe?”

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