Savannah James Weighs In on Woman Buying Wedding Dress Before Proposal on Her New Podcast – Complex

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James, who’s married to—and shares three children with—her childhood sweetheart LeBron James, laughs while McDaniel responds, “A little bit.”

While Taylor explains that she’s engaged now “so it’s okay,” she reflects on the premature decision being “a little crazy.”

“It was a little crazy, but it’s not too crazy,” McDaniel adds. “I feel like…I also believe in manifesting, so it’s a teetering line there. There is that manifesting piece, but then there is that piece that’s like, [a] little cuckoo. But I’m on the verge.”

Savannah James chimed in, saying, “And I feel like if you love that [and] you wanted that to be your wedding dress, then it was okay to get it.”

The open conversation might come as a surprise from James, who’s extremely private about her personal life, but in an interview with People, she admitted that while she’s “scared as hell” about the response to Everybody’s Crazy, the show has been “freeing” for her.

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