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TRENTON, Ohio — The wedding bells are ringing in Trenton as the city prepares for a mass wedding ceremony during the solar eclipse.

“I just got a call at my normal job one day and they said would you like to marry people during the eclipse,” Trenton Mayor Ryan Perry said.

Perry said his administration came up with the idea because they wanted their event to be different and asked him to officiate.

“That’s one big reason why we’re putting this on is that there’s a lot of cities around us doing a lot of events of course, but we looked for something that we would stand out and have people notice us,” he said.

The wedding ceremony and reception will be held at Trenton Community Park. After they say “I do,” they’ll have cake and mementos for the couples and any guests. Perry said he isn’t sure how many people will show up.

“That’s kind of the wild card in all of this, we don’t have a lot of people signed up for this being their first wedding,” Perry said. “We do have people renewing their vows.”

This will be Perry’s first time officiating a wedding — but don’t worry, he’s been practicing his speech.

But will getting married during an eclipse bring these couples extra luck?

WCPO 9 wanted to find out, so we talked with Professional Astrologer Ed Kluska, who has been practicing for over 50 years.

“It gives a lot of extra energy, dynamics, and force, and I would say yes,” Kluska said.

Kluska astrology is a complex practice that gives people an objective way to gain insights into their lives.

“There’s hundreds of factors an astrologer considers assessing a person’s life, their personality, and future trends,” Kluska said.

He said getting married during the eclipse has more to do with what day it falls on rather than it being an eclipse. He said April 8, 2024, is a good day to get married.

“Overall that day is not bad,” he said. “There’s many other days that would be far worse than Monday.”

This is what he had to say about the types of couples choosing to get married in Trenton during the eclipse.

“So, there’s a lot of Aries there so any of the couples will likely be adventuresome, just like getting married during an eclipse, they would be outdoors, more physical, athletic, bold,” he said.

Of course, Kluska said the couples have to be compatible in order for them to have a long-lasting marriage. But, just because you get married on a good day, doesn’t mean the marriage will last.

“If you get two people who aren’t compatible and you pick a really good day that may not help them out. So, hopefully these people up in Trenton a lot of them are compatible,” Kluska said.

Perry said couples wanting to get married or renew their vows will just need to bring their marriage license, and the city will provide the glasses. He said anyone can come and watch the ceremony. Perry is asking couples to arrive at 2 p.m., so they can be ready for the ceremony that starts at 3 p.m.

“We’ve had people inquire all the way from Texas and in Maryland,” he said. “We’ve checked with Butler County and they’ve had a lot of increase in marriage license requests here lately.”

Kluska has been tracking the eclipse and looking at what it could mean for people, including if a baby was born.

“That would be a special child,” he said. “This child would be, it’s got … six Aries that’s pretty unusual. So, this child could be very athletic, outdoors, bold, adventurous,” he said.

He also said this child would have an artistic side.

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