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A woman sparked a flurry of conversations online after showing up to her child’s wedding wearing a bikini under a sheer dress.

The mother, named Paulina, revealed that she originally planned on wearing a white gown for the wedding of her 28-year-old daughter and Taiwanese actress Jin Cheng.

But after her daughter begged her not to upstage the bride, the 57-year-old mother said she decided to ditch her original idea and opted for a crystal mesh cover-up that would go on top of a blue bikini, according to Daily Star.

Paulina said she decided to wear a bikini under a sheer dress to the wedding of her 28-year-old daughter and Taiwanese actress Jin Cheng

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Netizens certainly had plenty to say about the mother’s choice of outfit, with some asserting that a bikini is quite the deviation from the typical wedding dress code.

“That’s so inappropriate to wear underwear at a wedding,” one said, while another wrote, “The outfit is not appropriate for a wedding, I can’t imagine what the mother of the bride would say about this!”

“You’re not the bride and that’s not elegant at all,” read a third comment.

“I’d be fuming if I were the bride,” one said.

Another wrote, “Why would you wear a bikini to a wedding? You’re not at a beach and you are the mother of the groom.”

The couple said they picked the date of April 26 this year so that they could get married on the fourth anniversary of the day they met


Image credits: 壹蘋新聞網

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Others couldn’t help but agree that the mother, nevertheless, looked great.

“Oh that’s so hot and she’s 57?” one wrote, while another quipped, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Foreign media outlets reported that Jin and her partner, Aky Niwa, picked the date of April 26 this year for their wedding so that they could tie the knot on the 4th anniversary of the day they met.

“I originally didn’t want to get married. When my mother got divorced, I thought marriage was a hell and a grave, but I was very happy with Aky. She proposed to me twice, one of which was in a train, so I agreed,” the Taiwanese actress said.

The German wife agreed and said, “We are getting better and better. We do everything together, even take a bath together. Now we only have to go to the toilet.”

The 57-year-old mother said she wore the bikini because her daughter asked her not to upstage the bride


Image credits: 彭欣偉攝

Image credits: 彭欣偉攝

Jin’s mother agreed that the couple certainly does everything together.

“They didn’t shy away from holding hands and kissing in front of me. It was so good that I was a little jealous,” she added.

On their wedding day, the actress’s mother spoke about her daughter’s sexuality and said she knew Jin was gay from when she was a young teenager.

“I am very open-minded. Society is different now. I knew my daughter was gay when she was 13 years old,” she said.

During one of their early conversations about her sexuality, the 57-year-old woman recalled telling her daughter that she can do anything as long as it’s not “harmful to society.”

“As long as you don’t do anything harmful to society, and girls understand girls better, it’s pretty good,” the parent was quoted saying.

“I originally didn’t want to get married … but I was very happy with Aky,” Jin said about her relationship with her new wife

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The newlyweds often share bits and pieces of their relationship on Instagram and have been sharing moments from their wedding over the past few weeks.

A post that went up on Jin’s profile on April 26 saw the actress thanking her mother and all the others who made their wedding day special.

“Dear friends and family. Thank you so much for coming to our special day today and sharing this happiness with us. Your arrival makes this moment even more special and memorable,” she wrote.

“First of all I want to thank our mom for supporting us all the time, without you, without us,” the newlywed continued. “Thank you also to all the staff friends who came to help with our wedding, without you we would still be home for breakfast.”

“Finally a marriage advice for everyone: To keep the wedding perfect, admit it whenever you do something wrong. Whenever you are right, shut up! Thank you everyone, bless you all! Full of love,” she concluded.

The newlyweds often share moments from their relationship on Instagram and have said that they are “crazy in love”


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Another clip, shared by the couple, included a message that appeared to be written by Aky in the caption.

The wife spoke about being “crazy in love” with her partner in the text.

“Is it crazy to stay in a foreign country, on the other side of the world, still not be able to speak the language and no idea what the future brings? Obviously sounds crazy, … crazy in love!” the caption said.


“With you I can make the impossible things possible, the difficult things easy and dreams, we are going to make true,” the message continued. “Life never has been easy for me, but if I had to go through all this just to meet you… then it was worth it.”

“Because you make me complete, you are the reason why it makes sense to keep breathing and you are the reason why ‘love’ makes sense now,” she wrote. “I’ve waited for this day to call you my wife. Waited for the moment I could put a ring on your finger.”

The mother’s outfit triggered mixed feelings, with some saying she took the spotlight off the newlyweds, while others felt everyone looked comfortable


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