‘Selfish’ bride axes sister from wedding after heated feud over baby shower clash – The Mirror

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A wedding is the one day in your life when it is all about you. But, one bride was left feeling less than special when her step-sister told her she “stole her thunder”.

The 30-year-old fiancée, who wishes to remain unnamed, was “thrilled” when she got engaged to partner Matt, 32. The pair began planning their small and intimate wedding ceremony they had dreamed of. But things took a turn when the bride’s step sister, Emily, found out their wedding day was “too close” to her baby shower.

28-year-old Emily branded the bride “selfish” and “inconsiderate” for choosing to getting married a month before the expecting mother’s planned shower. The bride claims her step sister accused her of “stealing her thunder”.

The bride, who confessed she and her step sister ‘”don’t have a great relationship”, took to Reddit recently to vent about the family drama. She said: “I was shocked by her response because we had never discussed her baby shower date, and I couldn’t have known about it when we chose our wedding date.”

She added: “I tried to explain this, but Emily insisted that I should have somehow known and adjusted our plans to accommodate her.” Tension rose when a family meeting was set up to try and squash the conflict, which ultimately left their family ‘torn’ apart.

“During the meeting, she accused me of being inconsiderate and trying to overshadow her life events. The rest of our family members seemed torn, with some taking her side and others understanding my perspective. In the end, I felt like I was being treated unfairly and that Emily was making unreasonable demands,” the bride revealed.

The furious wife-to-be decided to disinvite Emily from her and Matt’s wedding after “fearing” her presence would “only add stress and tension” to their day. She concluded: “Now, our family is divided, and some family members are angry at me for not inviting Emily. She continues to claim that I’m the one who’s being selfish and unreasonable.”

People rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the wedding drama, with many outraged over the sister-in-law’s behaviour. One individual said: “Tell Emily there’s no thunder to steal.” Another wrote: “Her baby shower was the following month. Good lord, when exactly were you supposed to have the wedding? How many months away does she expect people to not have any special occasions.”

Meanwhile, a third argued: “They are two completely separate events and they are a month apart.” And another added: “It’s not a competition; both a wedding and baby shower are celebrating life milestones with loved ones.”

“Why can’t people just be happy for one another?,” wrote another commenter.

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