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A bride’s wedding was gatecrashed as strangers turned up and helped themselves to a free feast at the banquet in Malaysia.

Because of the uninvited guests, some of her actual guests were left without a seat.

The bride, Ms Jacqueline Ng, said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that there were “too many” uninvited guests and this caused confusion among her guests, whom she called them important people in her life.

She added that she had painstakingly planned the seating arrangements for a week, but her efforts all came to nought. Ms Ng was forced to find seats for her guests at the last minute.

“Have you seen a bride frantically planning the seating arrangements before the walk-in?” she said in the post. Luckily, there were empty seats as some guests could not turn up.

One intruder tried to pass himself off as the bride’s neighbour, but his cover was blown off when her actual neighbour, who was seated at the same table, said he had never seen him before.

The intruder then moved to an empty seat at another table, said Ms Ng, who called him “shameless”.

Another uninvited guest got a seat when he said he arrived late due to a traffic jam and could not find his original seat.

After the wedding, Ms Ng’s classmates told her they were seated with three guests they did not recognise and suspect the three had not been invited.

Another guest told the bride they found it weird to be seated with an older couple, and said the man later got drunk and told the other guests to drink more alcohol.

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