She Decided To Have A Child-Free Wedding After Asking Her Sister-In-Law, Who Has Three Children, If It Was Okay … – Chip Chick

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This 24-year-old woman is engaged to her fiancé, 25, and their wedding is in 9 months. They’re planning to have an open bar during the reception and have started discussing their guest list to determine if they want to allow kids at their wedding.

None of her fiancé’s siblings have kids, and only one of her siblings does. Her brother and his wife have four kids. It was important that all of their closest family members came to their wedding.

“So, I texted my sister-in-law to ask her if she would be offended if we had a no-kids wedding. She said no and that it was our day,” she said.

During the texting conversation, she outlined her and her fiancé’s perspective on why they didn’t want children at their wedding, and her sister-in-law assured her that she and her fiancé could do what they wanted on their wedding day. Her brother’s sister promised she and her brother would attend the wedding without their children.

A couple of days ago, she was hanging out with a few friends. Two of her friends in the group were invited to the wedding and have children.

During the hangout, she talked about how she and her fiancé were having a child-free wedding, and the two friends she’d invited were furious.

She told them she’d contacted her sister-in-law to see if she’d be hurt if they didn’t allow children at the wedding.

But because her sister-in-law had no problem with the idea, her niece and nephews wouldn’t attend the wedding.

“They got angry and said I should’ve asked other people with kids instead of ‘just one girl,’” she explained.

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