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Wedding reception speeches given by friends and family of the bride and groom can sometimes be hit or miss. When they’re a miss, things can get really awkward and change the vibe of the rest of the reception.

One woman recently walked out of her sister’s wedding reception after the maid of honor made a rude joke about her during her speech.

She’s 27 and was recently a bridesmaid at her older sister’s wedding. It was an exciting event after a tough few years for her.

“I struggled with my mental health and dropped out of college for a while,” she explained.

“I’ve since gotten my life back on track, but it’s still a sensitive topic for me.”

Also included in her sister’s bridal party was her sister’s best friend, who was her maid of honor. She’s always had difficulty connecting with her sister’s friend, who has hardly said anything more than “hi” to her, even during the wedding planning process.

She found out a while back that her sister’s friend struggles to bond with her because of her mental health issues, as she has preconceived notions of her.

Despite the distance from the maid of honor, she figured everything would go well with the wedding, and she was excited to be there for her sister. That is, until it was time for speeches at the reception.

“During the reception, the maid of honor gave her speech,” she recalled.

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