She Wore A Gold Dress To Her Friend’s Wedding, And His New Wife Cursed Her Out Before Saying She Looked Trashy – Chip Chick

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Have you ever had someone freak out at you because you wore something they deemed inappropriate for a wedding?

One woman recently wore a gold dress to her good friend’s wedding, and his new wife cursed her out and told her she looked trashy.

She and her best friend, Dan, are 30. She’s known Dan since high school, and they’ve always been close. Their relationship has been nothing but platonic, and they’ve never had to worry about romantic feelings getting in the way of their relationship.

However, their relationship dynamic changed when his 27-year-old girlfriend, now his wife, Lauren, came into the picture.

When Dan and Lauren first began dating three years ago, she and Dan were no longer allowed to hang out without Lauren or someone else around.

Lauren was always suspicious of her, even though she was happily married to someone else and only wanted to spend time with Dan as a friend.

“Despite me being happily married, Lauren’s always kept me at arm’s length,” she explained.

“I always figured this was because she’s from a very conservative family. Dan has spoken to her multiple times, and she’d back off for a bit before complaining about him being friends with a girl again. It’s not ideal, but she makes Dan happy, so I made peace with it.”

Recently, Dan and Lauren got married, and she was invited to their wedding. Lauren was already mad at her at the start of the wedding planning process because Dan wanted her to be in the groom’s wedding party. However, due to Lauren’s protests, she only attended as a guest.

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