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This 28-year-old woman has a 29-year-old best friend named Jenny, who recently got engaged. So, Jenny will soon be tying the knot overseas at a gorgeous – yet very expensive – location.

She’s been close friends with Jenny ever since they were in high school, too. That’s why, after Jenny’s fiancé popped the question, she was immediately asked to be the maid of honor at her friend’s big day.

“I was thrilled and started helping with the planning, from dress shopping to tasting cakes,” she recalled.

But, out of the blue two months ago, she found out that she was randomly demoted from maid of honor.

Apparently, Jenny just decided to make her sister the maid of honor instead. Then, after informing her of the change, Jenny asked if she would still remain a bridesmaid.

“Jenny explained her family was putting pressure on her since it’s a family tradition. I was hurt, but I tried to be understanding,” she said.

Now that she’s no longer the maid of honor, though, the price of attending Jenny’s wedding has started to seem more unrealistic.

The event will be abroad, and between flights, hotel accommodations, and other travel expenses, she will have to spend a ton of money just to be there. So, ever since she got demoted, she’s been having trouble justifying spending that much money to be a bridesmaid.

“Especially since I’ve had some financial setbacks recently, like unexpected car repairs, medical bills, etc.,” she reasoned.

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