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Honesty is supposed to be the best policy, but sometimes it’s not worth being honest with someone in order to prevent hurting their feelings.

This 34-year-old woman’s 32-year-old friend is getting married soon, and she’s skipping out on his wedding.

She has not told him the real reason why she’s going to RSVP no, and she’s debating if she should tell him the truth at all.

There are a couple of reasons for her not wanting to be in attendance at her friend’s wedding, the first one being that it’s a pretty inconvenient venue.

The venue is located 8 hours away by car, and it’s happening on a weekday. This will require her to take two whole days off work and pay for two evenings at a hotel.

Despite the inconvenience, she was still going to go to the wedding because she used to be super close to her friend.

They don’t currently see one another a lot, as he ended up moving to another city, and their friendship consists of texting one another to catch up from time to time and seeing one another once or twice a year.

“I’ve always figured you put up with some minor inconveniences to be there for friends,” she explained.

“However! I’ve now found out that an ex-fling of mine is going to be one of the groomsmen. I knew they were friends but didn’t realize they were that close.”

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