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There’s nothing quite like that sinking, devastated feeling that comes with losing a treasured piece of jewelry—especially an engagement ring or wedding band that has signified your love for years. Unfortunately, Cindy Tristani, who lives in Pennsylvania, understood that feeling all too well when she looked down during her Sunday evening shift at the Burlington Coat Factory in Uniontown and realized that her diamond bauble was missing. Tristani, who was working the cash register at the time, quickly launched into action. “I just looked down, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, my ring is gone!’” she told Channel 11 News. “We tore the place apart. Everyone helped me, my boss came out, we looked all over the floor, the garbage. I was crying. Couldn’t find it.”

After a thorough, but fruitless sweep of the store, Tristani turned to social media for help; she posted in the Fayette County What’s Going On Facebook group, hoping that a recent shopper might see it and check their bags in the event that the ring got stuck on a garment during the check-out process. “This is a long shot but if anyone was shopping at Burlington Uniontown today, I think my diamond ring might have fell in someone’s bag,” she wrote in her post. “If you find it I would be so grateful if you could bring it to the store.”

Tristani told the the outlet that she was resigned to the fact that she’d never see her wedding ring again—but she said a quick prayer, anyway. “It just so happened it was my mom’s birthday that day,” she explained. “She’s been dead for three years, but she could always find anything that was lost. I said, ‘Mom, please help me find this ring.’”

Those prayers were answered—and quickly, too. Cait Giles hadn’t even returned home after an evening of shopping when she pulled up Facebook on her phone during the drive back; Tristani’s plea was the first post she saw in the app. “I said let’s pull over,” she told her husband, who was driving the car. “We had two shopping bags, a big one and a small one. I checked the big one, nothing there. Then I checked the smaller one. I took out the sunglasses out and went to close the bag back up and heard a ‘clink!’”

The couple turned the car around and headed back to the store, where Giles was able to reunite Tristani—who was supremely grateful and relieved—with her ring. “Cait is a wonderful person, she’s my angel,” Tristani said. Giles was simply happy to help, and said the experience was meaningful for her, too: “It made my heart so full to give the ring back. It was the best moment, one of the best moments of my life.”

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