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If there was ever a day for Simone Biles to brush off naysayers regarding her marriage to Jonathan Owens, that day is her wedding anniversary! The Olympic gymnast, 27, and the Chicago Bears player, 28 exchanged vows (twice!) in 2023. As tomorrow (6th May) marks their wedding anniversary, Biles took to Instagram to share touching reminiscences, particularly highlighting the pivotal role her mother, Nellie Biles, played in ensuring her well-being on that significant day.

Nellie Biles, Simone’s support system, despite not being her biological mother, has been by her side through every wedding preparation and life’s journey since being adopted at six. However, Simone recently revealed experiencing moments of “blackout” before her second wedding on May 6, 2024, subsequent to her initial marriage on April 22, 2023. Even though her mother initially cautioned her about the potential consequences of neglecting self-care.

Biles took to Instagram, initiating a series of stories with the announcement, “Since our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, I’m going to do a weekend throwback of some of my favorite pictures & moments from the weekend.” Among these stories, one stood out, depicting a moment where her mother’s warning echoed in her mind, as Biles recounted, “Momma Biles is probably telling me I need to eat before I black out...”


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She humorously added, “Which would have been good advice about 3 hrs before this... bc I did indeed black out & miss the rest of the pool party.” This moment shows how her mom’s words still guide her, even during celebratory times.


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Last month, Biles and Jonathan Owens celebrated their official first wedding anniversary. Simone took to Instagram and shared a post that began with a touching image from their civil ceremony in Houston, Texas, depicting the couple walking on a rooftop – Simone adorned in a white, layered tulle dress, and Jonathan in a tan suit. Following this picturesque moment, additional snapshots captured them strolling by a pedestrian bridge amidst autumn foliage, alongside candid portraits.

In her caption, Simone tenderly encouraged her followers, “This is your sign to marry your best friend,” expressing her excitement for the future by adding, “Happy 1st anniversary. I’m excited for many more to come. I wish I could marry you a million times more! I love you so much!” Their love appears timeless, growing stronger with each passing day. However, their love story has been nothing short of a fairy tale.

From digital connection to a love forever


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Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ love story began with a digital connection on the dating app Raya just before the pandemic struck. Despite Owens initially being unaware of Biles’ status as a gymnastics legend, their chance encounter blossomed into a strong foundation for their relationship. The lockdown period offered them a unique opportunity to truly get to know each other, fostering a deep bond that strengthened over time as they navigated the challenges of the pandemic together. And with time their bond grew stronger, which led to the final destination-Wedding.

Then, on April 22, Biles shared the joyous news of their union with a series of photos showing her in a stunning sheer-tiered wedding gown. Captioned with a simple “I do 🤍 officially Owens 🤍,” the post captured the essence of their special day. Following their intimate courthouse ceremony, the couple opted for a lavish destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in May 2023. Their love story, marked by tender moments and grand celebrations, continues to inspire, showing the enduring bond between Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens.

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