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A North Texas couple plans to use next week’s total solar eclipse as the backdrop for their wedding.

The wedding will have a celestial theme, and all the guests are getting glasses to view the great American eclipse.

With just days away from saying “I do,” Kathryn Jordan and Micah Simoneaux are tweaking those final details. 

The McKinney couple already calls each other husband and wife, and they’ve been wearing wedding bands for months. But in one week, it will be official. 

“We worked together in Walmart. He was my boss,” Jordan said. “But it is not as unseemly as it sounds.”

Once they were transferred to different stores in 2018, the two began dating, and it was seamless. 

A few years later, Simoneaux moved in with Jordan and her five children. 

In October 2023, Simoneaux popped the question.

“Honestly, it wasn’t anything like a big, fancy proposal,” he said. “We were laying in bed talking one night.”

As for picking a date, the two lovebirds wanted a unique one. They were brainstorming possibly Halloween, Leap Day or April Fool’s Day before it hit them during November’s annular eclipse. 

“We were outside with the kids trying to view it. A neighbor drove by named John, and he some glasses. He let us use them,” Jordan recalled. “On the side, it said ‘Total Solar Eclipse April 8.’ We just knew. It just made sense that day. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime love.”

The couple’s wedding will be held at McKinney’s Bluebird Cottage on April 8, the day DFW lies in the path of the total solar eclipse. They’ve timed it out so totality is right after the ceremony.

McKinney will see more than three minutes of darkness. 

“Just like the Earth, the moon and the sun are aligned, that’s the way we are,” Jordan said.

“Yeah, that is how we worked out. Just aligned,” Simoneaux said.

The wedding will have a celestial theme, equipped with eclipse glasses for all the guests, plus a specific color scheme. 

“Imagine a sunset, gold, burnt orange, burgundy,” Jordan said.

But for both, it’s beyond the wedding day bliss. 

“I feel not only happier with him, but I feel more me, and I feel more alive,” Jordan said. “More than I ever have in my life before.”


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