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Jacob Taylor and his fiancée Jaime Ellithorpe were sitting at the dinner table in their home in Farmers Branch last Wednesday when Taylor threw an idea out on a whim.

“I was like, ‘How cool would it be to go to the Stars’ game Saturday in Vegas?” Taylor said.

At the time, the Dallas Stars were trailing 0-2 in their first-round playoff series against the Vegas Golden Knights, preparing to hit the road to begin crawling back into the series. Both Taylor and Ellithorpe had been Stars fans for years — Taylor since he was born and Ellithorpe since she moved to D-FW after college.


Ellithorpe entertained the idea and joked about getting married in Vegas — the most popular wedding destination in the country.

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“It was a tongue and cheek response,” Ellithorpe said. “But we just kept thinking about it and getting more momentum, and before I knew it, we were sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out flights and hotels.”

Three days later, the engaged couple was on a flight from Dallas to Las Vegas on their wedding day with plans to watch the Stars take on the Golden Knights in Game 3 of the first-round s at T-Mobile Arena.


Taylor, 32, and Ellithorpe, 43, met back in July 2021 and got engaged this past August. They hadn’t made wedding plans yet but knew they wanted a spring date. Once they started researching, they were able to apply for their marriage license online and reserve the Chapel of Crystals for Saturday evening.

“No pun intended, but I guess the stars aligned,” Ellithorpe said. “Everything just started falling into place.”

The two landed in Vegas around 1:45 p.m. local time on Saturday, and the last available time for the chapel was 5:30 p.m. In that four-hour span, they rented a car, rushed to Staples to pick up signs they had made for the game, drove to the courthouse, got their marriage license and made it to the chapel for their wedding.


Taylor wore a Miro Heiskanen jersey while Ellithorpe wore a Tyler Seguin jersey when they said, “I do.”

Jaime Ellithorpe and Jacob Taylor photographed after wedding on April 27 in Las Vegas.(Courtesy of Jacob Taylor )

“I didn’t want to take it away from her,” Taylor said. “She kind of wanted the white dress, but this all started with the Stars. If the Stars were not in the playoffs and not in Vegas, it wouldn’t have happened this way.”

By 6:15 p.m., Taylor and Ellithorpe were newlyweds and had arrived at T-Mobile Arena for warmups with signs that read “Travel 1,200 miles from Dallas to Vegas. Get married in Vegas. Get a stick or a puck in Vegas” and “Just married… and he got me a ‘better Stone’” — the second digging at Vegas captain Mark Stone.

While they were thrown a few pucks by Stars players during warmups, they were unable to catch them. They were hit in the hands and watched them slip away. The couple has posted on social media asking for help in finding a game puck to commemorate their special day.

Taylor and Ellithorpe got to watch the Stars’ first victory of the playoffs. It was Taylor’s first road game and Ellithorpe’s first Stars game ever.

While their wedding day was unconventional, it played out just how they had hoped. Before the idea of going to Vegas, they had already planned to make it official at the Justice of Peace’s office before having a larger reception. They still plan to celebrate with family and friends later on.

They said their Vegas wedding and the Stars 3-2 overtime win that followed are moments they will always remember. And while they opted not to have Elvis marry them at the chapel, in a way, the Dallas Stars did.


“I’m so glad we did it,” Ellithorpe said. “We can have a nice reception with our friends and family and be more traditional, but the whole event was totally worth it.”

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