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The application for a wedding venue permit at the “Castle in the Forest,” situated at 900 Blue Ridge Drive, Skyforest, a short-term rental property, has ignited a contentious debate. As the county assesses the proposal, apprehensions loom over its potential ramifications, indicating a tumultuous decision-making process ahead.

Mark Goodwin, a concerned resident of Skyforest, has taken proactive measures by establishing StopTheCastle.com. The website aims to provide comprehensive details regarding the proposed project and shares a copy of its plan submitted to the County’s Planning Department. It extensively covers critical concerns, including fire safety measures, ingress/egress arrangements, water infrastructure and pressure assessments, potential wildlife disturbances, traffic implications, and the impact on noise and light pollution. Additionally, it sheds light on infrastructure-related issues and the proposed removal of 35 trees, all pivotal aspects of the development’s evaluation.

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