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It’s no secret weddings can be expensive – but one couple are charging their guests an eyewatering sum just to attend.

When someone close to you is getting married, you tend to not mind about getting them a lavish present or forking out a little extra on their big day. But one man was gobsmacked after reading his best friend’s wedding invite, as he plans to charge guests a staggering £2,000 just to attend his big day – and that doesn’t even include drinks.

The baffling “contribution” means guests will cover the cost of the wedding so the bride and groom don’t have to, but the catch is the guests only knew about it once they’d RSVP’d ‘yes’ to the invite.

Taking to Reddit to share his shock, the man, known only as Jack, explained he was initially excited to receive the invite from his friends Jeff and Sophie.

Once he had RSVP’d yes to the invite, Jack then got an ominous message that read: “Thank you for RSVPing to our wedding, and thank you for helping us have the wedding of our dreams.”

He then saw a link which said “click here for payment” which he assumed was a contribution towards the honeymoon fund. But it turned out to be a request for just under £2,000 to attend the event. Stunned Jack then called the venue, who echoed what the couple had said about “helping them have their dream wedding”.

Blowing his savings on his best mate’s big day, Jack reluctantly paid the fee, expecting there to then be food and alcohol included – only to find out on the day none of the drinks were free and ended up forking out £230. This worked out to be £30 for the drinks and a £200 tip that the bride and groom had “requested”.

“Not only did the bride and groom pass on the costs of a ridiculously priced venue to the guests, after people had RSVP’d, essentially putting the venue above guest attendance, but then they passed on the cost of a tip to the guests WITHOUT TELLING THEM, as a required charge on check out. I’ve never heard of anything so entitled in my life,” the post concluded.

People were quick to chime in with their thoughts, as one Redditor wrote: “Once I saw the payment screen, I would have called and cancelled my RSVP. I don’t care who the bride and groom are to me. If you want a specific type of wedding, pay for it yourself. What they did was downright tacky.”

While another said: “Wow that would be enough for me to cut all contact with supposed not friend. I would message him that you’re hurt he used you and manipulated you to pay for his wedding.”

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