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The happy couple at Knebworth: the Hon Edward Lytton Cobbold and Dr Helena Meyer-Johann

Webber-Jamieson has the coveted accolade of having planned wedding parties for a number of royal couples, namely Princess Eugenie and the Prince and Princess of Wales. These sparklingly dapper planners are at the coal-face of the party-planning industry; grinding without relent to make wedding parties, grander, glossier and more memorable for those seeking to pull off a night unlike any other.

Annabel Sampson’s mini-diary ‘Six Weddings in Six Weeks’ is the pearl inside the oyster of Tatler’s 2024 wedding guide. Having enjoyed a relentlessly busy wedding season, sashsaying between some of society’s latest, chicest matrimonial moments, Annabel picks out her finest wedding takeaways. She does so before the looming date of her own Yorkshire wedding, which she continues to plan with the utmost scrupulousness.

Having watched Emma King and Alexander Taylor slalom down Mont D’Arbois amid a troop of groomsmen bearing torches, Annabel has plenty to think about regarding her arrival at her own wedding. Her ancient-world-themed-affair, will have its own eccentricities to be sure. Annabel plans for an owl to arrive bearing the ring. Here’s hoping the bird gets it right.

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How a Tatler photographer married a princess

As we mark the day which would have been Tony Armstrong-Jones’ 94th birthday, revisit the family history which reveals the fairy-tale romance of the society snapper and the Queen’s beautiful younger sister

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Princess Margaret in her wedding tiara


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