Tech Billionaire and Former WWE Star Tie the Knot in Lavish Wedding by the Pyramids of Giza – Egyptian Streets

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Tech billionaire Ankur Jain and former WWE star Erika Hammond recently exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony set against the iconic backdrop of the majestic pyramids of Giza. 

The pre-wedding celebrations and star-studded guest list included renowned celebrities and prominent figures from around the world.

Photo Source: Deccan Herald

The festivities commenced with a three-night safari in South Africa, where the couple indulged in an unforgettable experience, each night costing USD 2000 (EGP 95,919).  Following the safari adventure, Jain and Hammond jetted off to Egypt, where they hosted a four-day celebration for their 130 guests.

Photo Source: Deccan Herald

Jain, the founder and CEO of Bilt Rewards, and Hammond, who now owns Rumble Boxing, first crossed paths when Jain began working out at the gym where Hammond was a fitness instructor. Their connection blossomed into a relationship, leading them to embark on this extraordinary journey of love.

The couple’s vision for their wedding was to create a truly unique and magical experience. Jain revealed to the Deccan Herald that his initial proposal to Erika involved the idea of getting married in space, showcasing their shared adventurous spirit. Ultimately, they decided to celebrate their special day in Egypt, immersing themselves in an entirely different world.

Their wedding day was attended by top celebrities such as Lance Bass, Robin Thicke, and “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary. 

Jain and Erika Hammond chose to break away from traditional wedding customs, opting for a non-traditional ceremony. Their wedding featured no wedding cake, no bridal party, and no bridesmaids. The couple expressed their desire to prioritize the experience and create lasting memories rather than conforming to classic wedding traditions.

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