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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) – A temple woman who lost her wedding ring while handing out candy has quite a sweet ending thanks to social media, she got a message that it was found in a candy bag,

Misti Smith had been passing out candy for about an hour at her home in the 2800 block of Forest Trail when she noticed that her wedding ring was gone.

“We looked all around my porch, in the candy bucket. The only other explanation is when I was grabbing the candy, it slipped off into someone’s bag,” Smith says.

She says that she always wears her ring because her husband is now a long-term care facility and this ring was the last thing they were able to make and buy together before he got sick.

“I could just go to Kay’s and get a new one. But that’s not the same, it’s not from him. It’s a piece of him that I can carry everyday, since he’s not living with us anymore. A piece of my heart is gone with that ring being gone,” Smith explains.

Only about five minutes went by before she noticed it was missing, but they had surges of groups so it could be anywhere.

“It was late, everyone had to go to bed for school and for work. I don’t think most bags have been gone through yet. Check your bags, check your kids bags,” Smith says.

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