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Announcing their engagement in May 2023, the expectant parents Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan confirmed to PEOPLE on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet on Monday that they plan to wait to get married “after babies.”

Farago and Sullivan want their babies at the wedding

“We’re going to do wedding after babies because we were thinking how cute would it be to have two little newborns at the wedding or like two little toddlers,” Farago, 29, states. “That would be so cute to like include them.” “Probably do a courthouse wedding first while she’s pregnant and then do an actual wedding a little later,” Sullivan, 33, says of their future together. Farago tells PEOPLE that another factor in their choice was a “really hard” wedding preparation experience.

“We were wedding planning, and then one day, wedding planning was really hard, and we were just kind of discouraged,” the reality star recounts. “After that, we exchanged glances and debated whether to start with babies. We then decided right then and there to start the IVF process.” The couple shared a joint Instagram post on Sunday announcing the arrival of their first child together.

“We wanted to use this unique day to join you all in celebrating this incredible accomplishment. Since you supported us during the defeat, we were thrilled to have you along for the victory. We are thrilled to be expanding our family with Arlo as the coolest elder sibling, even though I am still very early in the pregnancy, and there is still so much to come! I’m pregnant!” Farago wrote the post’s caption.


The couple’s desire to prioritize their expanding family is understandable, given that Farago told PEOPLE that seeing a positive pregnancy test threw her in “shock.” “That was not what we expected. When we saw positive so early on, we were like, ‘No,’ since we had assumed it would be negative for sure,” the woman adds. Farago previously told PEOPLE that they hope to have a “huge” ceremony “somewhere in Italy” or Catalina Island, California. Fans will have to wait a little longer to see the couple get married.

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Farago and Sullivan’s relationship

The pair declared their intention to freeze their eggs in order to conceive twins together shortly after announcing their engagement. The transgender TikTok celebrity Sullivan also talked about the common misconceptions around LGBTQ+ partnerships and pregnancy. After dating for a year, Farago and Sullivan engaged in May 2023. They first saw each other when Farago interviewed Sullivan over Zoom for a TikTok Pride event. The reality TV personality revealed to PEOPLE in August of last year that they had been preparing for their wedding since their first date. After their first date, Farago mentioned that they were both emailing their pals to tell them how much they loved each other. She said the two had an “instant connection that was undeniable.” 

Farago and Sullivan (PC: Getty Images)

During the People’s Choice Awards red carpet, she also discussed their fortunate relationship, stating, “I feel blessed like I have the perfect person.” She also mentioned that she believes trans guys are the best and that she couldn’t imagine her life being any different, as well as how people frequently pass judgment on others without cause. I’m simply fortunate.”

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