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Joey Graziadei has handed out his final rose! After the tennis pro popped the question to Kelsey Anderson on the season 28 finale of The Bachelor, ET’s Denny Directo spoke with the couple about their love story and their future.

“I’m just so pumped we get to tell everyone, post pictures, ride in the same car together,” Kelsey told ET. “… We made a shared note and we had a bunch of things that we wanted to do together once we were out of hiding. There were big things on it and little things on it, but I’m excited to tackle all of them.”

“One of the small things was we wanted to go bowling or something like that, something very simple,” Joey revealed. “The big one was I always wanted to bring her to Hawaii, so that’s something that we’re going to be doing here soon. I wanna get her out there for the first [time so] she gets to see where I spend a lot of time.”

For Joey, his romance with Kelsey began in earnest during their one-on-one date in Ronda, Spain.

“Ronda was a really great start,” Joey noted, before saying that their outing in Jasper, Canada, “was kind of a confirmation for both of us that something is here.” After they met each other’s families, he said, there “was just no doubt” that Kelsey was the one for him.

Though his feelings for Kelsey were quick to grow, Joey held back saying “I love you” to her or any other contestant until he got down on one knee.

“I made sure I kept it just for her because she deserved that,” Joey said. “It was hard for me… A lot of it was me thinking like, ‘My wife is gonna be watching this someday. It’s very hard for me to express my emotions and give it to so many people because I want to save it for one.'”

“But this process kind of pulls you to be able to give something back at times,” he continued. “I tried my best to navigate it. We’ve had great conversations through it. She understands where I stood the whole time. It just is a tough position to be in.”

Also a tough position to be in was Kelsey’s, as she had to watch back the season and see Joey develop feelings for other women.

“I did fast forward through things. I would put my headphones in or scroll on my phone [during] just certain things I felt like I didn’t need to see,” Kelsey admitted. “I really [was] just watching Joey and I’s love story.”

“I tried my best to prep her for everything,” Joey noted. “There were no secrets between us. I explained everything, even if I didn’t know if it was gonna be shown. I think a lot of it was her seeing what it would actually look like, but we made it through.”

Now, the couple is looking ahead to their future, which they’ll begin by spending time in New Orleans, Louisiana, before making the move to New York City.

“We’re ready. She’s always wanted to live in New York. If you told me a year ago when I was living in Hawaii that I’d be, after all this, moving to New York City, I would’ve called you crazy,” Joey said, before explaining why he was ultimately up for the adventure.

“I think I was down because I saw how much she was excited for it and I think it’s a perfect place,” he said. “… We’ve built such a strong foundation. We have such a great thing that we have now, but it’s now time to have fun. What better place to do it than New York?”

As for when they’ll get to work on planning their big day, Kelsey said, “Maybe in like a year we’ll start planning. I think that we’re just trying to take it slow. No stress. We just want to bask in this time right now.”

While Kelsey thinks a destination wedding might be nice, nothing concrete has been decided as of yet.

“We both know we want family and friends there. I think we both don’t want something too big, but it’s a party, so we want to enjoy it,” Joey said, before opening up about the possibility of a televised ceremony. “It might happen. We don’t know. We have to kind of wait… We’re just trying to get through one thing first. We’ll move onto the next one later.”

Another thing that may be on the horizon is Dancing With the Stars, but Joey isn’t ready to sign on just yet.

“I just did a year of reality TV, so I’m OK taking a little break, but if that call comes we’ll talk it over. We’ll see if it can happen,” he said, before quipping, “I’ve got some moves.”

“He’s got moves,” Kelsey agreed. “He’s better than me.”



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