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The future Mr. and Mrs. Graziadei will soon be saying “Grazie” in southern Italy.

Bachelor Nation’s newest betrothed pair, Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson, may not have all their wedding details figured out yet, but they are sure of one thing—their dream honeymoon destination.

“We both want to go to Italy,” Graziadei revealed in an exclusive interview with E! News, detailing exactly how he and his fiancée found out that their feelings on the matter were mutual.

Tasked with playing a newlyweds-style game as part of their recent press tour, “She guessed Hawaii for me,” he revealed. “And I think I guessed the same thing because I thought she would put Hawaii for me. But we both actually wanted to go to Italy. So, now we know.”

“Amalfi Coast, hopefully,” Graziadei specified. “Now it’s at the top of our list.”

As for the rest of the nuptial details, Graziadei shared that “there’s a lot to figure out still.”

Bachelor Nation’s Newest Babies

Of course, the couple did just get engaged in Tulum, Mexico, with the reality star’s proposal airing during the March 25 episode of “The Bachelor.” But what made him so confident in their connection?

The 28-year-old proposed to Kelsey Anderson during the emotional finale of “The Bachelor” — which even got “Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner tearing up in the audience.

“It’s her. Just the way that I said all the time,” Graziadei gushed. “She’s such a bright light. She gives me so much confirmation all the time, reaffirmation of her love for me. I know how she feels because of how she shows it.”

Anderson’s trust in her bond with Graziadei is just as apparent.

“He’s very intentional, and he gives me so much love. And he’s goofy. And he’s really opened up to me so much,” she shared. “And just through this whole process, like we always said, we’re choosing each other every day and no refunds.”

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