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Makeup by Dorian Hatchett

Whether saying vows under refractions of stained-glass windows, laughing gleefully in a garden on a sunny day, or dancing with a disco ball overhead, a bride’s joy should shine through. The right makeup can be the key to that perfect bridal glow. Local makeup artists Dorian Hatchett, Meggan Ory, Dee Rouzan, and Javetta White offer recommendations that ensure brides will be seen in their best light.

Communication is the cornerstone of the relationship between a bride and makeup artist. White, founder of Lipsticker Artistry and Lipsticker Cosmetics, advises brides to choose an artist who understands the look they are trying to achieve. However, as Hatchett, cosmetologist at Spa Atlantis, notes, brides should be open to a conversation about how to best go about achieving their ideal look, which may differ from their inspiration pictures: “Expect your artist to customize those looks to your skin tone and face shape. The same look can be very different on two different faces.”

Rouzan, founder of Faces of Virtue Beauty Studio, emphasizes that communication is essential not only to achieve the bride’s vision, but also for health and safety. “If you have any allergies, please alert us immediately BEFORE we begin makeup services,” she urges. Similarly, Hatchett observes that “there are industry standards around sanitation, and knowing and following them is not optional for a professional makeup artist.”

These sanitation standards should be in place whether the bride is getting her makeup done in the artist’s studio or in a location of her choosing. All four experts strongly advise brides to consider the advantages a studio provides. For example, Ory, founder of Makeup by Meggan Cosmetics & Spa, says, “The lighting in most hotel rooms and houses is not suitable for artistry. Going to the artist ensures that you are getting your makeup done in proper lighting, the artist has everything they need to create any look you want, and they have the proper space to work in.”

The Best Makeup for Your Wedding Day

White also points out that, while it may seem inconvenient, going to the studio actually saves money. Hatchett outlines some of the expenses when asking an artist to travel, such as parking fees and payment for equipment setup. In addition, Rouzan emphasizes that an artist’s travel kit cannot contain the wide variety of supplies found in the studio. Simply put, a studio is the optimal place for makeup application, ensuring the right environment to create a camera-ready look.   

This camera-ready look is created not only with proper lighting, but with the right products. Brides shouldn’t be wary if these products are unfamiliar, as Hatchett notes: “You may not have heard of the brands in [an artist’s] kit, because many makeup artists use product lines that are produced for professional use, not consumer ones. These lines will guarantee a camera-compatible look that lasts all day.” In order to guarantee the products are compatible with a bride’s skin, the look will have been tested during a trial run well before the wedding.

White cautions brides against trying any new products the day of the wedding, no matter how wonderful they seem. All four experts stress that the day of the wedding is not the day for new products or treatments. Facials and waxing should be done well in advance, as the skin needs time to heal. Rouzan notes “Do not wax your eyebrows, lip, or anywhere else we will be applying makeup closer than four days prior to your wedding day! Sticky wax and irritated skin make for a difficult makeup application. Makeup may not stay and leave a halo around the waxed area.”

The Best Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Makeup by Dee Rouzan

The day of the wedding is also not the day for a new, trendy style that deviates significantly from the bride’s day-to-day look. A risky look means the bride risks not looking like herself. “Bold lines and colors are fine if you’re already a fashionista, but they can be done in ways that won’t register as dated come time for your paper anniversary, let alone fruit or bronze,” says Hatchett. 

Ory especially advises against one popular bold lip color—red: “Unlike lighter lipstick, red smudges are very obvious and you need a mirror to touch up. Lighter shades are easier to retouch.” On this subject, Rouzan notes that brides should ask for a small touch-up kit for the day of the wedding. If the bride is wearing false lashes, this kit should definitely contain eyelash glue!

The final, and most important, ingredient for the perfect wedding look is a relaxed, happy bride who knows it’s her moment to shine. When she gets to let go of the stress of planning and celebrates the love that led her to this day, her carefully-chosen makeup will enhance the glow coming from within.

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