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It’s a well-known old wives tale that rain on your wedding day offers good luck—a symbol of both cleansing and renewal. And, after a spin through the Vogue wedding archives, it’s hard not to agree. “It just made the day that much more special,” Oleema Miller said of her rainy Oahu nuptials, where she walked barefoot in the mud down her aisle. “There is a line in the song [Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing”] that goes, ‘We shall walk and talk in gardens all misty wet.’ I think maybe somehow I manifested these settings with that song, and it just played perfectly with my emotions, with our surroundings, and with all of the people gathered we love most.”

There was a biblical downpour during Constance Chamberlyne-Tankerville and Arthur Oke’s reception in the French countryside. (Their wedding coordinator told them it was the most rain they’d ever seen.) Yet, Constance says it only made their evening more “magical.” She adds, “We just gripped each other tightly and laughed our way through it.”

Some couples even purposefully picked locations for their moody ambience: take Anthony Kendal and Rossa Prendergast, who wed at the gothic Lismore Castle amid what they describe as a “soft Irish drizzle.” For those where rain was unexpected, most embraced the visual impact of umbrellas: Mary Macgill ordered 200 white parasols for her guests to hold up during her vows, whereas Lauren Rodriguez describes the “sea of umbrellas” she saw while marrying on her New York City stoop. “It was just right for us,” she says.

Below, the best rainy day weddings in Vogue.

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