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On Saturday, Alexa’s “something old” was my grandmother’s handkerchief, which she carried down the aisle wrapped around the stem of her lily of the valley bouquet. Her “something new” was her shoes—a pair of white satin heeled sandals, designed by the product team at Margaux. Her “something borrowed” was diamond earrings from Camilla Dietz Bergeron, and her “something blue” was the embroidery Wes Gordon put inside her dress with her new initials, ABR, and her wedding date: 9.23.23.

The ceremony was at the Basilique Sainte-Clotilde, which is the couple’s favorite church in Paris and just a few minutes from Alex’s family home. The church has a square and park attached to it, and it sits in a charming, quiet corner of the 7th arrondissement. (It is also, conveniently, just a six-minute walk to the Musée Rodin.)

“The ceremony was the highlight of the weekend for me,” Alexa says. “The size and scale of Basilique Sainte-Clotilde can seem a bit intimidating, but when packed with all of the people that mean most to us in this world, it felt small and intimate. After our families processed in, Les Petits Chanteurs de France—an unbelievable boys choir—processed and sang alongside the organs. I was standing outside the church with my dad as they sang, but you could even hear their voices and the organs from the streets and it took our breath away.”

The service was led by Father Michel Remery, and was held half in French and half in English. “My dad walking me down the aisle was a highlight, followed by the moment Alex and I said our vows,” Alexa remembers. “And, the moment we exited Sainte-Clotilde might have been my single most favorite. It was an unbelievable swirl of confetti, flowers, and cheers—followed by a half hour of greeting, and hugging, everyone in the square covered in petals at golden hour.”

From there, guests walked together to the Musée Rodin through the streets of Paris. After entering through the museum’s main entrance, everyone was encouraged to explore the gardens. Guests walked past The Thinker and down the tree-lined paths leading to the pond at the far end of the gardens for cocktail hour.

There was wine, champagne, and cocktails, in addition to various stations of French food sourced and prepared by Chef Daniel de La Falaise. As cocktail hour came to a close, the paths were lit by candles and violinists played as guests walked the garden together and into the tent. The newlyweds entered the tent to loud music and the entire party stood and waved their napkins—a custom that was new for many of the Americans attending, but met with incredible enthusiasm. Alexa and Alex danced between all the tables—stopping for hugs and kisses—and then sat down for dinner.

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