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Photo: Frankie Alduino

Maya Johnston (pictured above)
Venture-capital investor, Noho 

What were you shopping for today?
I was looking for a reception dress. It came down to this one and a longer, more traditional silhouette that ultimately won. I wanted something with a little sparkle that could move but still be regal. I’m getting married at a castle in Northern Italy.

Wow, that’s quite a venue.
It’s where my family’s originally from, so my grandma and cousins still live there. We’ll have a beautiful dinner on the terrace and then I’ll be changing for the after-party in the wine cellar. I want to have a bit of a Studio 54 theme for that. I was trying to ask these old-lady wedding coordinators at the castle, like, “Hey, could you order a bunch of disco balls?” And for the open bar, tequila. My age group only drinks tequila. So I had to warn the castle.

Are you expecting a big crowd?
The castle can accommodate 120. I didn’t realize how many of my friends would get into a relationship after I got engaged — there are just a lot of plus-ones I cannot invite.

SarahKate Kolb

Bridal stylist, Upper West Side

Abby Arnold

Registered nurse, Naples, Florida

Who did you come with today?

My best friend, Megan Derleth. [Featured below] She got engaged four months ago, and I was like, “We gotta go to Kleinfeld!” So we made an appointment and then two months later, I got engaged. So we made another appointment for the same day, and here we are.

Alexa Ramos

Retail-sales manager, Hagerstown, Maryland 

Cassie Preston

Business owner, New Baltimore, Michigan 

Jessica Montes

Marketing manager, Long Island City

Were you surprised when your fiancé proposed?

He and I have been together for ten years, so I wasn’t exactly surprised. But everyone was convincing me it wasn’t happening. I had asked my mom a few weeks before if she heard anything, and she was like, “Last I heard, he’s not ready.” But he ended up proposing shortly after in Rhode Island.

Greyson Prezioso

Assistant stylist, Midtown West

Alyx Roseman

Technology regional vice-president, Chelsea

Amanda Trantino

Public-relations manager, Dyker Heights

LaTia Pierce

Medical-practice CEO, Vineland, New Jersey

Megan Derleth

Health-care administrative director, Jupiter, Florida 

Raquel McLean

Event manager, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How has the wedding-dress hunt gone for you?

I had so much anxiety. It was more stressful than I thought it was going to be. It really is such a big decision, and you have so many options. When I came back for my first fitting, I almost had a little bit of a panic attack. I was like, I haven’t seen this dress in over a year. I was trying to remember all the details.

Anna Blockowicz

Registered nurse, Upper East Side

Ariana Atria

Sales-operations specialist, Melville

Carlye Mitnick

Digital-marketing manager, Upper West Side

Abigail Hayes

Marketing manager, Indianapolis, Indiana

Marlena Ruser

Second-grade teacher, Wayne, Pennsylvania 

What brought you to Kleinfeld?

I’m a big Disney fan, and I wanted to try the Disney Platinum Collection; the gowns are themed to the different princesses. This was the Cinderella gown, and I tried on a few others, too. But ultimately, I went with an Anne Barge dress. It was more timeless and fit the vibe for my wedding.

Sadie Joseph

Flight attendant, Upper East Side

Photographs by Frankie Alduino

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