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While last October’s bridal fashion week saw drop waists begin to emerge as a trend, the silhouette was everywhere at this month’s shows and presentations. I attended previews of over 30 collections from designers this season, and it was rare to find a line without a version of the look. Taking the form of corsets, peplums, basque waistlines, and sheath-like silhouettes, there are plenty of ways to infuse the style in an original way to fit a designer’s vision.

“This silhouette is captivating the bridal scene with its fresh cool factor, offering brides an option to depart from traditional styles and a chance to embrace something new and different,” explains designer Andrew Kwon. “I introduced drop waist silhouettes into my collection to explore new design dimensions, leveraging their elongating effect and the opportunity they provide to craft a smooth, beautiful shape.”

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Kwon

Designer Nadia Manjarrez, who has employed the silhouette in her past few collections, emphasises how versatile the look is. “I like to work with a drop waist because it makes women look taller and, contrary to what people might think, I believe it is flattering on most body shapes,” she shares. “I also love doing drop waists because they allow me to play with texture and draping on the bodice, which is one of my favourite things to do when designing.”

The use of a drop waist also ties in with the rise of the second (and third) look at weddings, where brides and grooms have multiple outfit changes throughout the night. A drop waist corset can easily allow for a full skirt to be swapped for a mini or even pants later in the evening. In Manjarrez’s Olga gown, “the dress gives the appearance of a drop waist, but the tulle skirt layered underneath is actually a separate piece. When removed, you’re left with a mini dress.”

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