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When one thinks about Twilight actress Kristen Stewart, one wouldn’t immediately connect her with American restaurateur . And yet, they’ve shared quite a few headlines in the last couple of years. It all feels incredibly random, doesn’t it? Well, allow us to break down the full story behind how Stewart’s upcoming marriage to Dylan Meyer has been connected to the Mayor of Flavortown since they became fiancées.

It was back in November 2021 when Kristen Stewart announced that she and screenwriter Dylan Meyer planned to get married after over two years of dating. Let’s delve into all the info we know about their engagement and why Fieri has come up so much in public discussion about it.

How Guy Fieri’s Name Became Connected In K-Stew’s Wedding

Stewart revealed that Meyer had “nailed it” in her proposal to her while on The Howard Stern Show amidst her Oscar buzz for Spencer. While she was on Stern’s show, the host probed Stewart regarding what their plans would be when it comes to the wedding, and she threw out Guy Fieri’s name when asked about who should officiate. She shared that the couple had heard that the Food Network star has officiated gay weddings before and said this:

The idea of that sweet, sweet spikey-headed man coming to our wedding and officiating, it just makes me laugh so much.

In the interview, Stewart also shared that she hopes to be “chilling” on her wedding day, wearing the best pair of Levi’s and a faux tuxedo cutoff t-shirt among family, with the event perhaps taking place in Topanga.

Guy Fieri Said He’d Officiate The Wedding On National TV

A few days after Stewart’s appearance on Stern in November 2021, Stewart appeared on Today where the talk show surprised the actress with a moment with Guy Fieri himself. Check out her hilarious reaction:

Hoda and Jenna surprised Stewart with an offer from Fieri before Stewart shared she was “absolutely” interested in him officiating. Stewart went straight to business, asking the hosts where he lives so she can carve out the plans with the Mayor of Flavortown.

The Latest Update On Stewart’s Wedding And Fieri’s Involvement

It’s now been two years since those viral moments took place during Stewart’s press tour for Spencer. Stewart and Meyer are still engaged and very much together, but they have yet to have their wedding just yet. While promoting her queer ghost hunting show, Living For The Dead, now streaming with a Hulu subscription, the actress was once again asked about Fieri officiating. In her words:

[Fieri’s team] reached out and were like, ‘You know, we are down for this.’ And I was like, ‘Me too, but also I’m bad at planning stuff, so I’ll hit you up soon.’ I think we’ll probably just marry each other and then call Guy and say, ‘You were here in spirit, babe.’

While it sounds like Fieri won’t be officiating Stewart’s wedding after all, she’s still thinking of involving him! We can’t wait to hear the update once the couple decide to say “I do!”

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