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“The Milverine” – aka Milwaukee’s favorite shirtless, urban speedwalker – announced via Facebook today that he got married over the weekend. 

“Last month I was cruising north on First Street and a lady was cruising south on First Street, and I knew as soon as I saw her she was ‘the one’,” says The Milverine. “Not only did she have a strong stride, but she also had a great rack.”

The woman – who wishes to be identified only as “La Milverina” – says she started exercise-walking at the end of 2023 and it changed her life. On a typical day, she walks from her home in Bay View to Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha and back – but on the day she met The Milverine, she decided to mix it up by heading north.

“My gut told me to walk north to Cedarburg that day. I think it was fate leading me to The Milverine. As soon as I walked up to him we both stopped, looked at each other and started pretending to cage fight,” she says. “It was love at first fight.”

For the next month, the two walked more than 2,000 miles side-by-side, sharing their dreams, stories and secrets to healing foot blisters. During a walk to Green Bay and back, they decided to get married.

“She told me I didn’t have to wear a shirt to our wedding and that sealed the deal,” says The Milverine. 

On March 29, the couple was married – mid-walk  – on Oklahoma Avenue in Bay View. It is believed to be the world’s first “walking wedding.”

According to Barb Cook, one of the guests at the wedding, it was kind of weird. 

“I mean, it’s their day, they should do whatever they want, but because they were walking so fast, the pastor was forced to walk backwards just as quickly while performing the ceremony which was a bit awkward,” says Cook. “Also, not all the guys who were invited wanted to take their shirts off and tuck them into their pants, but most did it anyway.

“Those of us attending the wedding were doing our best to keep up with the bride and groom, but they lost us when they turned off of Oklahoma onto Clement. We never did catch up, so we didn’t actually get to hear the I do’s.”

The Milverine and La Milverina plan to take some time off their rigorous walking schedules next month for a honeymoon. “I don’t care where we go, as long as the hotel has a treadmill,” says La Milverina.

“Gotta get my daily 10,000,000 steps in.”

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